Allt Duine wind farm

Published: 2nd September 2014

Updated: 30/07/2015: Proposed wind farm in the Monadhliath refused by the Scottish Government in July 2015

In February 2011 RWE Innogy UK (formerly RWE npower renewables) submittted an application for the Allt Duine wind farm in the Monadhliath Mountains above Kincraig.

The proposed site was on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park and almost entirely within what was confirmed in June 2014 as Wild Land Area 20: Monadhliath. The wind farm would have comprised 31 turbines with a maximum height to blade tip of 125 metres. 

We campaigned hard against this wind farm.  We did not believe this would be an appropriate location for such a development and strenuously opposed this, submitting an objection in April 2011. We considered that the wind farm would have a major detrimental impact to the landscape and visual amenity in close proximity to the Cairngorms National Park (CNP), other designated landscapes, and to Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) “Search Areas for Wild Land (SAWL)”. (The Wild Land Areas were adopted subsequently, in June 2014).

We took part in the Public Local Inquiry which took place in October 2012. Evidence was also heard from a range of other objectors, including the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Highland Council, the Mountaineering Council of Scotland and the Scottish Rights of Way and Access Society. Campaign group Save the Monadhalidh, a broad-based coalition which aimed to stop this development, worked hard to keep the pressure up post-Inquiry. Find out more about Save the Monadhliath Mountains

Earlier this year we wrote to Scotland's Energy Minister urging him to reject this application, as well as the Glencassley and Sallachy developments in the north of Scotland.  You can read our letter in the downloads below. Read our press release at the time.

We were delighted to learn on 30 July 2015 that the Scottish Government had decided to refuse permission for this development. Read our response.