Acquisitions Policy

Published: 28th June 2015

Our principles and strategy in acquiring wild land (adopted 2011)

The John Muir Trust acquires land in order to protect it from potential threats, demonstrate wild land management and work with local people and visitors to achieve protection, conservation and enhancement.

The Trust will seek to support others with an interest in the effective protection and conservation management of wild land, whether they are communities, public or private landowners, or other conservation organisations.

The Trust aims to cooperate with other owners of wild land, to influence others by demonstrating best practice in the care of wild land, and to collaborate in conservation projects with other organisations.

In summary, the John Muir Trust is committed to practical action to conserve Britain’s remaining wild places, for their own sake, for the wildlife that depends on them, for the benefit of local communities, and for the quiet enjoyment of present and future generations.

The Trust’s distinctive role in the conservation of wild land is to safeguard whole landscapes within it, areas sufficiently large – whole hill ranges or watersheds – that they retain or can be restored to their natural processes and biodiversity, and can provide the spiritual qualities for which humans value wild land: freedom, tranquillity and solitude.

Read our Land Acquisitions Principles and our Land Acquisitions Strategy in the downloads below.