Caplich wind farm

Published: 6th February 2015

Updated 30/04/2018 - the Scottish Government has refused the application

Plans were submitted in early 2015 to build an industrial-scale wind farm at Caplich, near Oykel Bridge, in the shadow of Ben More Assynt. We were concerned about the impact this development would have on Wild Land Area 34 (Reay-Cassley). Read our objection in the downloads below.

The area was also threatened by earlier applications for large-scale wind farms at Glencassley and Sallachy. In 2015 our Area 34 campaign drew attention to the damage these schemes would have on wild land. Watch the film we made as part of the campaign here.  Glencassley and Sallachy were refused in November 2015 and in early 2016 Highland Council opposed the Caplich application, triggering a Public Local Inquiry (PLI).

The PLI took place in June 2017. John Low, Policy Officer, represented the Trust, arguing that the development would conflict with the Scottish Government’s commitment to safeguard wild land. Read John's reflections on the PLI here

In April 2018 we received the tremendous news that Caplich had been refused. The Reporter concluded that:- "the proposal would not preserve natural beauty and [that] the applicant has not undertaken reasonable mitigation of all of the effects the proposal would have on the natural beauty of the countryside. Weighing up all of the material considerations, my conclusion is that, on balance, the adverse consequences of the proposal are too significant to be outweighed by its benefits."