Planning policy and wild land - overview

Published: 22nd July 2015

Find out about our work to influence national, regional and local planning policies to better protect wild land.

It is vital that planning policies recognise and reflect the importance of wild land, and ensure its protection.

We work to influence national, regional and local planning policies so that these better reflect the importance of wild land. For example, we make the case for wild land protection by responding to reviews of development plans and other relevant consultations. You can read some of our recent submissions in the downloads below.

Torridon view

A key part of our work in recent years has been campaigning for the Scottish Government to recognise the importance of wild land in national planning policy and to adopt the Scottish Natural Heritage map of Wild Land Areas.

A number of cases have led us to being concerned about fair decision making in the planning process and we are campaigning for equal rights in the planning system.

We also work on issues related to "Protected Areas" - areas designated to meet the needs of international directives and treaties, national legislation and policies for natural landscapes and wildlife.

Our work has included supporting the call for a National Parks strategy for Scotland

We have also supported the campaign for an extension to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. In October 2015 we welcomed news that the boundaries of the parks were to be extended

In 2015 we helped gather support as part of a campaign to stop vital European Birds & Habitats Directives being weakened.

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