Our vision

Published: 2nd August 2015

Our vision is that wild land is protected and enhanced throughout the UK and wild places are valued by all sectors of society

In striving to achieve this vision, the John Muir Trust will:

  • Protect and improve important areas of wild land throughout the UK, through ownership and by working with others;
  • Improve the ecological health of wild land;
  • Influence policies and decisions for the benefit of wild land, wild places and people who rely on its protection and sustainable development;
  • Make the case for designation and improved protection of wild land areas;
  • Promote awareness, active involvement and respect for wild land and wild places;
  • Develop and promote the John Muir Award across the UK, especially for the young and socially disadvantaged;
  • Work with people and communities that live alongside areas of wild land for mutual benefit;
  • Engage our members and the wider public in the activities and ambitions of the Trust, the benefits of realising this Vision and the ethos of John Muir.

Find out more by downloading our Vision booklet here.