Response to Dumfries & Galloway Strategic Reinforcement Project

Published: 30th August 2015

Read our response to a Scottish Power Energy Networks consultation into the case for an extensive upgrade to 400kV line.

Update 26/02/18: Read a guest blog talking about the successful campaign to resist the power pylons

Update 08/07/2016: Scottish Power announced it would be scaling down the project. Read our response

Update 30 September 2015: We have joined 42 local community councils to express concern over the proposal. Based on our experience of the Beauly-Denny Public Local Inquiry, we are asking for the environmental impact to be thoroughly considered, along with costs and the technical case.

Update 03 March 2016: SP Energy Networks has published a report summarising the feedback received from the first round of public consultation. Originally a second round of consultation was expected in 2016 on the preferred routes and substation sites but the timetable has now been put back. SP Energy Networks anticipates setting out any implications on the scope of the project and its plans for the next round of consultation in summer 2016. Read more here

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