Beauly-Loch Buidhe 132kV transmission line

Published: 5th November 2015

Updated 03/03/16 Find out why the Trust was concerned about a proposed reinforcement of the Beauly Loch Buidhe transmission line

The Trust submitted a response to a consultation into proposals to reinforce the Beauly-Loch Buidhe transmission line.  You can read our response in the downloads below.

We were concerned about “the needs case” for the project, ie the requirement for the strategic plan or programme (of which the Beauly – Loch Buidhe project is clearly a part) and argued that for consultation to be meaningful, and before any further work, the strategic case and cost benefit analyses for this project needed to be fully made and available to the public.  

All of the options for the project consulted on were assessed by the developer as having impacts on nationally designated or locally important landscapes, including Wild Land Area 29 and Dornoch Firth National Scenic Area.  Cumulative impact should also have been considered.

In our submission we concluded that it would not be acceptable for public money to be allocated to an environmentally damaging - and potentially socially and economically damaging - project without all the true costs and benefits of alternatives being considered and that detail being made available to the public.

We also set out that lessons must be learned from other projects within the UK and under Ofgem’s remit – in particular, the Beauly Denny transmission project. The developer (Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission) has a very particular duty to make sure the project is proposed, consulted on and, if appropriate, delivered using “best practice”.  

On 26 February 2016 Scottish Hydro Electric (SHE) Transmission advised that their plans were to be put on hold. Read more on the Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution website here

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