Area 34 campaign archive

Published: 3rd February 2016

Updated 14/12/2016 - A summary of our 2015 Area 34 campaign in response to the threat from the Glencassley, Sallachy and Caplich wind farms.

Wild Land Area 34 in the far north of Scotland is one of 42 Wild Land Areas recognised as recently as 2015 by the Scottish Government as nationally important.

But this special place has come under threat from three proposed large wind farms - Glencassley, Sallachy and Caplich. Together these would have meant 65 turbines, up to 132m high, with many visible from famous peaks such as Stac Pollaidh and Ben More Assynt.

Under Scottish planning policy adopted in 2014, Wild Land Areas have a degree of protection from wind farm development. In 2015, in response to the threat posed by Glencassley, Sallachy and Caplich, we campaigned to persuade the Scottish Government to make the right decision and refuse consent for Glencassley and Sallachy, thereby upholding the principles of the Wild Land Areas map. We asked you to write letters to the Minister and to the press, drawing attention to the plight of wild land.

There was excellent news in November 2015 when the Scottish Government refused the Glencassley and Sallachy wind farms. However, the area remains under threat from the Caplich development. Read the latest about Caplich here

Watch the film that we used to launch our campaign in May 2015 and raise awareness of the threat to this area. You can read our Area 34 Frequently Asked Questions to see the detailed background to the campaign in the downloads below.