Wind Farms and Tourism Trends in Scotland

Published: 13th September 2016

Updated 08/11/17 Methodological Critique of BiGGAR Economics Ltd Research Report - an opinion for the John Muir Trust by Douglas Wynn

In autumn 2016 Douglas Wynn carried out an appraisal to critically examine the arguments and evidence base of a report by Biggar Economics (see the BiGGAR report here). The aim was to reach a considered view on whether that Report should be accepted as a robust statement of the relationship between wind farm expansion and tourism employment in Scotland. You can read Douglas' appraisal in the downloads below.

Update autumn 2017

In autumn 2017 Douglas updated his Methodological Critique in response to a revised version produced by BiGGAR Economics You can read this in the downloads below. Whilst welcoming their attempts to address some of the weaknesses in their previous research (and which he highlighted at the Caplich wind farm Public Local Inquiry) Douglas points out that there are still significant failings in their latest work. He considers that it would be of immense assistance to have a robust empirical study by a genuinely independent and professional economic research institute of the actual performance of local tourism in remote areas where wind farms have been developed. BiGGAR Economics who always act as paid consultants for wind farm developers are not independent.


These appraisals were prepared by Douglas Wynn, who is solely responsible for their contents and conclusions. This work is based on nineteen years' experience as a policy academic in three university departments and then a total of twenty years' as a senior public sector consultant.

About Douglas

Douglas Wynn BSc (Soc) MSc (Econ) was for ten years a Senior then Managing Consultant in the UK public sector practice of Deloittes and subsequently established and ran Wynn Consulting Ltd for a further ten years, providing organisational reviews and investment appraisals. He is currently a Trustee of the John Muir Trust.