Local government elections - quiz your candidates

Elections to appoint local councillors are due to take place in Scotland, England and Wales on 4 May.

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In the run-up to the elections, please look out for opportunities to speak to your candidates about the need to defend wild land, enhance habitats and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with wild places.

There may be local "hustings" meetings in your area where you can ask a question* and hear what your candidates have got to say.

Look out too for any opportunities to write to your local newspaper.

*Suggested questions for your candidates

  • If elected, how would you ensure that local communities are fully consulted on proposals which would impact on the quality of their environment? (You may like to give a local example.)
  • Often developers do not fulfil conditions which were included in a planning consent and which are there to protect the natural environment - for instance, protecting frogs in a pond by not disturbing them at key times of the year. How would you suggest this developers' culture is changed?