John Muir Award and community engagement on John Muir Trust properties

Trust’s engagement scheme helps link communities with some the UK’s finest wild areas

Chryston hs pupils canoing beneath ben nevis detail

A recent report highlights that all seven John Muir Trust property areas provided stimulating locations for community engagement as part of John Muir Award involvement during 2016.

Outdoor centres, addiction support services, youth clubs, schools, colleges, volunteer and employability programmes all used these wild places to promote educational, social and personal development.

Mike Daniels, Head of Land Management, said, “It is hugely encouraging that the Trust’s inspiring properties provide excellent places to offer people first-hand awareness, understanding and responsibility for wild places. From tree-planting with adults recovering from addictions to learning about sustainability and biodiversity agendas through curriculum activities - the open and inclusive structure of the John Muir Award allows different community groups to engage in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them.”

The report highlighted that over 2,500 people achieved their John Muir Award through direct experience of Trust properties and land partnerships. These were delivered by 25 partner organisations.

Read the full report - John Muir Award and Community Engagement on John Muir Trust Properties

Photo: The Outward Bound Trust