Grantown Grammar School's 1,000th John Muir Award

Highland School celebrates 10 years of environmental Award activity at the heart of the Cairngorms National Park

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Grantown Grammar School achieved a milestone at the end of May, when a pupil was presented with the 1,000th John Muir Award achieved at the school.

The John Muir Trust's nationally recognised environmental Award was presented by David Lintern – an acclaimed local writer, photographer and editor – to pupil Sol Misty Robson at a special ceremony.

The John Muir Award encourages people to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places. Over 1,000 Grantown Grammar School pupils have completed the John Muir Award over the last 10 years making great use of the natural outdoor classroom on their doorstep.

David Lintern, who lives in the Cairngorms, said: “It is a fantastic achievement to have delivered 1,000 John Muir Awards at a secondary school and I am delighted to be able to be here to present this special award to Sol Misty Robson. The John Muir Award is a proven model in the Cairngorms National Park that raises awareness and understanding of the area’s special qualities, encourages nature conservation and helps get people enjoying the outdoors.

“It is well known that spending time in wild and rural spaces can significantly improve people’s sense of wellbeing. Through this Award scheme we are able to connect young people with the natural heritage of the Cairngorms National Park which is a fantastic thing. This generation will become our future conservationists and environmentalists - the national park will be in their hands.”

The Cairngorms National Park Authority has recently completed a consultation on their next five year partnership plan (2017-22) and ‘Learning and Inclusion’ was one of nine big issues that the national park focused on.

Alan Smith, Outdoor Learning Officer and John Muir Award Manager with the Cairngorms National Park said: “The John Muir Award has been the national park's main educational initiative since it was established in 2003. We’re delighted that the Award featured so strongly in the responses to the consultation.

"It is clear that stakeholders – such as Grantown Grammar School – see the John Muir Award as a key mechanism for delivering curriculum outcomes by engaging people with our national park.”

Photograph above shows pupil Sol Misty Robson and David Lintern, courtesy of Cairngorms National Park