Latest news and issues in local and national planning

New developments in national and local planning could influence the future for Scotland's wild land - here's how you can help

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Take action: Scottish planning and wild land

As part of its review into the Scottish planning system, and following several stages of public consultation, the Scottish Government published a Places, People and Planning position statement in June that sets out its future priorities. A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report has also been published.

  • Share your views on both documents. If you have already responded to the earlier consultation you do not need to submit a further response as your previous comments will be taken into account. 

Take action: Scottish Planning Bill

This autumn we have an important window of opportunity to secure a change in Scottish planning policy and improve protection for wild land. MSPs return to Parliament on 3 September and a new Planning Bill will start its passage through Parliament this session. During this process we aim to persuade the Scottish Government to make proper provision for the protection of Scotland’s natural heritage, specifically, to give Wild Land Areas the same level of protection from wind farms as National Scenic Areas and National Parks. Currently, protracted argument takes place at Public Local Inquiries as to whether or not wind farms are appropriate in Wild Land Areas

  • Write to your MSPs as part of our Keep it Wild campaign before they return to Parliament on 3 September and remind them of the need for proper recognition of wild land and the natural environment during the passage of the forthcoming Planning Bill. See our template letter here

Take action: Perth & Kinross

Local planning policy, while consistent with the national planning policy framework, sets out local priorities on an area-by-area basis, in terms of land use and what can be built where. Supplementary Guidance is produced by individual local authorities to provide detailed advice on certain policies within the Local Development Plan. We consider that Supplementary Guidance is an essential way in which new challenges which arise in planning (for example, due to technological changes) can be addressed in guidance, rather than argued over in individual planning applications so we are keen for people to help influence these documents.

Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) is currently consulting on draft new Supplementary Guidance on Renewable and Low Carbon Energy.

  • View the draft Guidance and feedback to PKC staff: 9 August, Birnam Arts, Birnam (2pm - 8pm) or 22 August, Loch Leven Community Campus (2pm - 8pm)