Trust backs 'The Lost Words' collaboration

New book and resources set to bring literacy and nature to the fore in education settings across the UK

2otters detail

The John Muir Trust has joined with author Robert Macfarlane and artist Jackie Morris to promote their new book ‘The Lost Words’, an enchanting collaboration that conjures back to glorious life some natural words fading from usage, and create resources for use in schools and education settings.

Robert Macfarlane says, "I'm so pleased to be working together with the John Muir Trust on this key issue of "literacy and nature". As a Life Member, and someone who's been both inspired by and involved with the Trust and its John Muir Award, over many years now, it's been exciting to see our passions converge in this vital area of landscape and language."

A Literacy & Nature Resource Guide has been produced by the John Muir Trust offering inspiration and actions for anyone undertaking their own journey to discover the links between literacy and nature. This is set to complement a case study featuring a range of examples created through John Muir Award involvement.

"It's something that we've highlighted over the past couple of years, so we're delighted to not only promote the sumptuous book that Robert and Jackie have created, but to align ourselves with the thinking behind it", commented Rob Bushby, the Trust's John Muir Award Manager. "There's a wealth of inspiration to be found not only in the world of literature, including the writings of Muir, but also in the creative outputs of Trust staff and members and John Muir Award participants."

With acrostic 'spells' by Robert Macfarlane and beautiful watercolour artwork by Jackie Morris, 'The Lost Words' is a newly published hardback that focuses on words that are moving to the margins of many children's lives and stories – bluebell, dandelion, otter, kingfisher, acorn – and presents them as both challenge and celebration.

To purchase the book, find links to articles, or access Educational Resources (due end of October) to support use of the The Lost Words in schools and education settings visit this page