Ben Nevis gets a temporary weather station

Scientists install climate recording technology at the summit of Britain’s highest peak

Summit shelter in april web bigger detail

A team of researchers has recently installed a new meteorological station on the summit of Ben Nevis, a mountain whose peak is managed by the John Muir Trust.

The temporary weather station will be in place until late December this year, during which time it will collect information on rainfall, wind speed and temperature, sending the data in real-time via a 4G modem to researchers based miles away in Edinburgh.

This is the first time since 1904 that live weather information is being gathered atop the UK’s highest peak – something that was previously done by a team who lived in the famous Observatory Shelter at the summit of the mountain.

Alison Austin, the Trust’s land manager at Ben Nevis says “Reliable weather information is incredibly useful to people visiting the mountain as they look to have an enjoyable but safe experience. Supporting weather data gathering is also important for conservation purposes, as we look to understand how conditions change and what impact that has on the habitats and species we find on and around the mountain.”

The research is being conducted by the National Centre for Atmospheric Change. Read more in this BBC news article.

Nevis weather station National Centre for Atmospheric Science

Main Image credit: Nathan Berrie, Ben Nevis summit shelter

Additional image: National Centre for Atmospheric Science