‘Northwoods’ exhibition opens at Pitlochry’s Wild Space

Acclaimed nature photographer Peter Cairns presents mysterious forest portraits from Scotland’s remaining fragments of ancient woodland

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The John Muir Trust Wild Space Gallery in Pitlochry is proud to present Peter Cairns’ latest photographic exhibition.  ‘Northwoods’ is a new collection of gently abstract, almost painterly images inspired by his long-held love of Scotland’s precious ancient woodlands.

Peter’s passion for the Great Wood of Caledon, a rich, vibrant forest which once stretched across much of the Scottish Highlands, is all the stronger because it is under threat.

He says: “Today it has reduced to just a fragment of its former range - yet within the wildwood that remains, there is magic.

“This is a place in which red squirrels forage and wildcats hunt, a forest over which eagles and ospreys soar.

“These images depict how the remnants of The Great Wood make me feel, not only as a photographer but as a lover of wild places.

“Rather than focus on the wider view, I set out to capture the seasonal elemental mood of the forest through light, colour and texture. The vein-like patterns of a silver birch encrusted in hoar frost or a lone Scots pine silhouetted against a fiery sunrise – these are all elements within the forest, but it is their interconnectedness and that of all living organisms, which makes the forest complete.”

  • The Northwoods collection can  be seen at the John Muir Trust Wild Space Gallery in Pitlochry until mid April 2018.
  • The Northwoods collection comes from Scotland: The Big Picture - a wider multimedia library created by a team of Scotland’s foremost nature photographers, all motivated by the need to rebuild healthy ecosystems across Scotland.