Steall Falls freezes to delight of climbers

Cold weather sees landscape feature freeze for first time since 2010

Dave macleodsteallfalls 13web detail

Last week's cold snap resulted in the Steall Falls, located next to the Trust's land at Nevis, freezing giving climbers the first chance to ascend it since 2010.

Climbers Dave MacLeod, Kevin Woods and Helen Rennard climbed the iced up waterfall and have shared a number of pictures from the day with the Trust. 


Having already climbed the falls himself, local climber Dave MacLeod decided to try and photograph the other two climbers. 

"I wasn't sure if we'd be able to get the drone flying",  he said , "the wind was adding to the cold temperatures."


The waterfall is located on the boundary of the Trust's land near Ben Nevis, with around 60,000 people enjoying the wild and rocky route through the Trust's Steall Gorge to reach the stunning An Steall Bàn waterfall (which appears in the Harry Potter film, Goblet of Fire) each year. The Trust maintains footpath access into the area and carries out conservation work including litter picking, wildlife monitoring and tree regeneration. 


All images are copyright of Dave MacLeod. Find out more about him here.