Scottish Government support extended

Children, young people and families fund to continue support for the John Muir Award in Scotland

Operation play outdoors and al masaar youth club by craig thomson  detail

The John Muir Trust welcomes the announcement that Scottish Government is extending funding designed to support children, young people and families across Scotland for a further year.

Scottish Government has announced plans that organisations supported through the Children, Young People and Families Early Intervention and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund will have their funding extended into 2019-20.

Since the fund started in 2016, the John Muir Trust has supported over 34,000 children and young people in Scotland to develop their skills, build confidence and try new things by engaging with wild places through the John Muir Award.

In announcing the extension, Minister for Childcare and Early Years, Maree Todd, said: “In Scotland’s Year of Young People, it’s more important than ever that we encourage and empower the next generation to achieve their full potential. This fund has already supported thousands of young people across Scotland to get a better start in life and build skills.”

John Muir Award Scotland Inclusion Manager, Lucy Sparks, said: “Supporting people to connect with wild places is at the heart of the John Muir Trust’s work. Through organisations delivering the John Muir Award across Scotland, children and young people from a wide range of backgrounds are supported to build their skillsets, enhance their wellbeing and try new things through getting hands-on with nature. Connecting people facing disadvantage with wild places is central to our inclusion work, and we’re delighted to continue to support young people to achieve their full potential by getting out and about in Scotland’s great outdoors.”

Photo courtesy of Operation Play Outdoors and Al Masaar Youth Club who have been working together to create opportunities for young people to get hands-on with nature and learn new skills through the John Muir Award (credit - Craig Thomson).