Staff blog: Pathwork training on Quinag

Quinag conservation officer Romany Garnett spends a fulfilling day with volunteers learning some new skills

Footpath training day on quinag july 2018 detail

It was perfect weather on 18 July for the footpath skills training day on Quinag.  Volunteers came from as far away as Tain and the Black Isle to learn a bit about path repair work and have a taster of the hard work involved with path maintenance.

The Trust’s footpath officer Chris Goodman shared his expertise and we were also joined by the Arran Footpaths team. Chris chose a short section of the Quinag path that was becoming badly eroded.

Some of the boulders were huge and after trying (and failing) to roll one of the boulders myself Chris pointed out very kindly that it was all in the technique! By the end of the day we had a short section of the path repaired and had learnt a bit about path repair work and got a good work out at the same time.

Thanks to Chris Goodman and the Arran footpath team!

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