Wild land map hailed most detailed, rigorous & sophisticated in world

We strongly support the Core Wild Land 2013 Map published earlier this year by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The map, which sets out 43 areas of rugged, remote and challenging terrain, has been criticised by a number of energy corporations, mainly from outside Scotland, and by some landowners. The Trust's cheif executive Stuart Brooks said: “We have had the  map analysed by the leading international experts on wild land who say this is the most detailed, sophisticated and rigorous mapping of wild land to be carried out anywhere in the world. Now we have a world class wild land map to match our world class wild landscapes.

“This map marks a huge step forward towards protecting wild land from large scale commercial development – a goal which is supported by 75 per cent of Scots. We would urge  the Scottish Government to stand firm and refuse to allow the boundaries of Scotland’s wild land to be determined  by energy companies  and landowners with a financial stake in scrapping or diminishing the map.”

John Hutchison, chair of the Trust and a resident of Lochaber said: “The map is not about preventing small-scale development by local people. Nor is about stopping communities from resettling land from which people were driven during the Clearances. It is about halting the wholesale destruction of wild land by global corporations.”

“For centuries, the Highlands have been exploited by external forces for commercial gain. Most of those opposing the Core Wild Land Map are from outside Scotland. They include American, German, French and Italian multinational corporations. Most of their energy generation globally involves burning fossil fuels. Their mission is not to minimise greenhouse gases, but to maximise profits for distant shareholders.”