Walking Dundee’s Dighty Trail for the John Muir Award

John Muir Award participants raise funds for the John Muir Award Appeal.

Sponsored walk sept15 detail

31 Dundee Association for Mental Health (DAMH) participants, staff and volunteers have walked the Dighty Heritage Trail, raising over £400 for the John Muir Award Appeal.

Participants from DAMH’s ‘Greenbuds’ programme were keen to show their support for the Award as they value that it is available to them free of charge. They also wanted to raise awareness of Greenbuds and encourage others to get involved. The occasion attracted DAMH members who hadn’t previously engaged with its physical activity offerings and who, after a really enjoying the day, have now signed up for the regular walking group and Greenbuds programmes.

The walk linked together many of the wild places the group visit as part of their John Muir Award and provided a good opportunity for all involved in the service to spend time together. Positive outcomes for all!

 Laura Campbell, who leads Award activities at DAMH, said “We have long recognized the positive effects that time spent in the natural environment can have on mental health and wellbeing. The John Muir Award has become central to the work of Greenbuds - our project that encourages individuals to take part in outdoor activities - and those within the project have experienced great benefit from it.

Prompted by the John Muir Award, Greenbuds participants have explored greenspaces, helped to conserve them and shared these experiences with others. This has not only positively impacted on the physical and mental health of individuals but has also improved the natural environment for the whole community.

Greenbuds participants are keen to show their support of the Award, so that others may also have the opportunity to do so in the future”.

Find out more about our John Muir Award Appeal to help more people connect to wild places.