Glen Tanar volunteer numbers boosted by local business over the summer

Aberdeen-based Maritime Assurance & Consulting Ltd helped the Trust's North East Members' Group remove a redundant deer fence

Mac helps out at glen tanar summer 2015 detail

Numbers attending the North East Scotland Local Members’ Group’s regular monthly conservation dates at Glen Tanar were increased when five people from Aberdeen-based Maritime Assurance & Consulting Ltd (MAC) helped out.

The weather was mixed during the two conservation work parties in July and August, with the Glen Tanar midge population making an unwelcome appearance. However, despite these challenges, and difficult hillside terrain, fantastic progress was made with the ongoing project to remove a redundant and unsightly steel deer fence on the main track up Glen Tanar leading to Mount Keen, Scotland’s most easterly Munro.

The Group’s coordinator James Brownhill was proud their achievement: “Over the years, thousands of visitors have had this rusting relic in the foreground of their view of Mount Keen and Glen Tanar. Now, for decades ahead, they can enjoy the unobstructed vista.”

Eric Baird, Head Ranger at Glen Tanar, was also impressed: “Due to the great teamwork and resilience shown by the group, a huge amount was achieved. What was particularly surprising was the way the team became more bonded as the day went on, taking care and looking out for one another.”

In concluding the second day of work, MAC presented some new tools to the North East Scotland Members’ Group (pictured here) to assist with completing the existing fence removal project and future conservation work at Glen Tanar.

The MAC team members have said that they are keen to assist the North East Local Members’ Group again next year.