Trust supports Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition

The John Mur Trust will be supporting the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year by sponsoring a new prize for the 2015 competition

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"The Wild Places Prize" will see the Trust select ten spectacular photographs that showcase the variety of special wild places across Scotland. The winners will receive John Muir Trust membership for a year, while the photographs will feature in an exclusive exhibition in the Trust’s Wild Space gallery in Pitlochry as well being featured in the John Muir Trust Journal; the magazine sent to more than 10,000 John Muir Trust members.

Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year founder Stuart Low said: "I'm delighted to have the support of the John Muir Trust for the competition. As a landscape photographer, conservation is something that's very dear to me and, because the Trust do such valuable work in preserving our wild places, it means that photographers are able to capture our unspoilt beauty through their lenses.

"The new award is truly a great prize because, as well as promoting conservation, it means that photographers entering the competition will get the chance to have their images put in front of 10,000 Trust members raising their profiles considerably."

Kevin Lelland, Head of Communications for the John Muir Trust, added: ”When judging the Wild Places Prize we will look to find ten spectacular images that capture the spirit of wildness: from the tops of remote mountains, to urban spaces where nature is flourishing.

"Landscape photography can be a powerful way to capture ecological diversity and highlight its importance. It can also evoke the emotions and feelings that inspire people to go out and connect with these special places and in doing so value and protect them. We're excited to be sponsoring the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and looking forward to seeing the work of the photographers who enter.”

The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year is an annual photography competition that:

  • recognises and rewards the talent of the many great photographers who practice photography in Scotland
  • showcases the beauty and diversity of the Scottish landscape, its coasts, islands and towns & cities in a collection of beautiful images
  • raises awareness of our natural heritage and promotes conservation of our landscape.

To find out more and enter visit: