The Outward Bound Trust is upward bound

Educational charity recognised for its work caring for the Lake District.

Educational charity recognised for its work caring for the Lake District.

The Outward Bound Trust’s long-standing commitment to caring for the Lake District National Park (LDNP) was recognised when the educational charity’s Ullswater and Howtown Centres were presented with a John Muir Award Provider’s certificate.

Judith Cooke, a Member of the LDNP, made the presentation and said:

“National Parks are rightly the most protected of our landscapes and the Lake District is one of the oldest and most spectacular of those parks. John Muir and the awards named after him celebrate these very special areas: the space, the beauty and all the people who look after them. This certificate is a key recognition of the work that you all do here on Ullswater.”

While many come to the Lake District for adventure and the chance to learn, the John Muir Award encourages people to connect with, understand and care for the wild landscape.

In 2013, students and staff at The Outward Bound Trust’s centres in Ullswater and Howtown did the lion’s share of maintaining 9 km of upland footpath: removing two hectares of Himalayan Balsam and other damaging invasive species, as well as collecting around 200 bags of litter off the fells, woods and lakeshores.

Nick Austin, of The Trust’s Ullswater Centre, said:

“We use the awe inspiring landscape to provide impactful and memorable adventures that equip young people with some of life’s essentials skills, such as resilience and confidence. It’s therefore only natural that our students put something back and care for that landscape too… It enriches their experience and adds to their achievements.

“The John Muir Award has been the perfect way to make sure this happens and to recognise our students’ efforts.”

Pupils and staff from St Mary’s Menston School near Bradford also attended the presentation. Their teacher, Sue Keinhorst, was enthusiastic about the learning and confidence her pupils gained from their visit to the Lake District National Park and the enjoyment they had from achieving their John Muir Awards.

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