Celebrate the official extension of two of England's National Parks

Join Friends of the Lake District in marking a historic moment.

Lake district   stuart brooks lr detail

Friends of the Lake District is inviting people to mark the occasion of the official extension of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks by joining in a walk next Monday 1st August.

Following a long campaign, in October 2015 the UK Secretary of State for the Environment confirmed that the boundaries of both the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks would be extended. That decision is due to come into force this Monday 1 August, resulting in an almost continuous area of National Park stretching across 100 miles of the North of England. The Yorkshire Dales will be expanded by 24 per cent on its western edges, while the Lake District will be increased by four per cent on its eastern side.

At the time the decision was made the Trust welcomed the announcement, which sent out a strong message that our finest landscapes deserve the highest level of protection.

In 2012, the John Muir Trust submitted a petition to the House of Commons calling for the UK Government to extend national park boundaries, or to put in place new National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (the equivalent in England of National Scenic Areas).

To mark the historic day on which the new areas will officially become part of the National Parks, Friends of the Lake District is inviting supporters to witness the first dawn over the newly extended Lake District National Park. More information here