Sandwood Bay highlighted in economic report on coastal tourism

Trust's Sandwood Bay in the news as most popular beach for website surfers – and actual surfers.

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Sandwood Bay, one of the most remote and beautiful beaches in the UK, famous for its sea stack and pristine beach, has topped “organic” searches for beaches from UK visitors to the website of VisitScotland – the tourism organisation for Scotland tasked with attracting visitors to the country.

The news is part of the launch of a report ‘Coastal Tourism in Scotland’ by VisitScotland that reveals the industry is worth £323 million to the economy. The research highlights Sandwood Bay is also a popular destination for surfers due to its west facing location and exposure to the swell of the Atlantic.

Malcolm Roughead, Chief Executive of VisitScotland, said: “It is no surprise that the beautiful and mysterious Sandwood Bay captures the imagination of so many people around Britain, but its majesty can only be truly appreciated at first hand.”

Don O’Driscoll, Sandwood and Quinag Property Manager for the John Muir Trust, said: “Sandwood Bay is breathtakingly beautiful, and most people who visit don’t get many chances to experience a wild place like this.

“There’s also the sense of achievement people get from the long walk in, a walk rewarded with a panorama of sea, cliff stacks and a pristine beach. Of course, there’s also the wildlife that makes this a designated site, the machair sand dunes, the larks singing, the gannets diving. Put simply, it’s a magical place the Trust is proud to take care of for the benefit of everyone.”

The Sandwood Estate is mostly under crofting tenure, and it’s the crofters who manage much of the landscape today. The Trust maintains the four-mile path to Sandwood Bay and monitors the spectacular wildlife in the area. This includes thousands of nesting seabirds and the rare great yellow bumblebee.

Find out more and watch the Trust’s film of Sandwood Bay.