National Parks: Defra 8-Point Plan, a John Muir Trust response

The John Muir Award Team's response to Defra's 8-Point Plan for England's National Parks

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(updated December 2017) 

Defra's 8-Point Plan (March 2016) sets out their ambition to put National Parks at the heart of the way we think about the environment and how they are managed for future generations.

The plan includes a renewed focus on connecting young people with nature, encouraging more diverse visitors and more volunteering, and realising the immense health and wellbeing potential through experiencing National Parks.

With an active presence in all 15 UK National Parks and strategic partnerships with a number of National Park Authorities, the John Muir Trust is already making a strong contribution, and has more potential to help realise Defra’s ambition. Find out more by reading the John Muir Trust response  to Defra's 8-Point Plan for England’s National Parks,