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Published: 24 Mar 2022

Wild Moment: Rowan Maclean

Winner of the 2022 John Muir Trust Wild Poetry Competition, English, P4-7 category - Rowan Maclean - writes about Cleat Beach.

Cleat Beach

A million grains of sand shift between my toes,
the crisp, cold wind whistles and blows
hear the cry of a seal’s wailing lows

The unsettled, cerulean grey ocean
ripples and torrents
Destructive, ferocious waves come in crashing commotion
A jellyfish dances a waltz with the currents

Venture into the deep dark caves
Hearing the tumbling waves
Shiny, rocky, poking enclaves

Wade into the blistering cold water
Waves cause some stumble and falter
Hair whipping in the wind

As the sun begins to dip low
Now is the time to scramble through the caves and go

© Rowan Maclean, St Columba’s RC Primary