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Published: 8 Jul 2021

Blue Health: sea-kayaking the Outer Hebrides

Lisbeth Kronsted Lund is a Danish based MA in outdoor social sciences and lifestyle blogger who’s insights and inspirational writings includes physical and outdoor education, physical cultures, sustainability and health.

Lisbeth has written a co-authored journal article that touches on the way in which experiencing the wild seascapes of the Outer Hebrides by sea-kayak, provides and engages different forms of vitality, wellbeing and embodiment than non-wild places.

Whilst there is a growing field of knowledge relating to blue health and sea-based outdoor recreation in Europe, little is understood how sea-based adventures can contribute to health and learning and is therefore undervalued politically. A great deal of benefits of outdoor recreation are well-known, but more needs to be known about the links between physical and mental health and the sea-environment.

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Or read the full article here.