15 Dec 2021

Lakeland tree planting partnership

Trust teams up with United Utilities and Cumbria Wildlife Trust to plant trees at Thirlmere near Helvellyn.

Thirlmere interpretation sign

In autumn of 2020, the Trust began a new relationship with its Helvellyn neighbours at nearby Thirlmere in the Lake District.

Our plan is to work with United Utilities, who manage the land around Thirlmere reservoir, and Cumbria Wildlife Trust who will undertake survey work, with a view to regenerate peatland and woodland and restore natural processes. By working together, we have an opportunity to create a healthier landscape mosaic over a wide area, with the collective effort initially concentrated on a core area of about 15 square km.

Wythburn Beck weaves its way through the valley for approximately 4km before entering Thirlmere reservoir. The lower section has been identified as a perfect area for planting several hundred native broadleaf trees. These trees will provide an important habitat and increase biodiversity, flood mitigation, carbon sequestration and reducing sediment flow into the reservoir.

Thirlmere - David Balharry

After some detailed mapping and several site visits, we plan to deliver this ambitious planting scheme over several days in the spring of 2022.

As well as planting the trees, we are keen to engage a wide range of audiences with this work. Everyone from local volunteers, members, schools and youth groups will have an opportunity to learn about the exciting new project and get involved in some hands-on conservation.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email Isaac to be added to an email list with further updates.

Photographs of Thirlmere by David Balharry

Water ripples - Alexander M Weir

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