4 Mar 2021

Join the call for nature's recovery by 2030

Trust supports big push by the conservation sector to put nature’s recovery into law.

Bumblebee on devils-bit scabious - Liz Auty

As a member of the environmental coalition Wildlife & Countryside Link, John Muir Trust has joined a sector-wide campaign to secure meaningful protection for nature.

The post-Brexit Environment Bill has once again been delayed, but this has given a ‘silver-lining’ opportunity for conservation charities across the UK to push for the eventual legislation to be far stronger than it appears in the current draft. Watch the film.

The latest UK State of Nature report in 2019 showed that a shocking 15 per cent of the more than 8,000 species assessed are at risk of extinction and almost half of species are in long-term decline. The Environment Bill therefore provides a once in a generation (and maybe final!) opportunity to start to reverse these widespread declines, but this will only happen if there is commitment in law to back up the positive words we have heard recently from the government.

This campaign looks to do just that by putting pressure on the Prime Minister and others in government to match their rhetoric to world leaders of “turning around nature’s decline by 2030” with real action. The hope is that hundreds of thousands of people across the UK will put their name to a petition and send a message that can’t be ignored. 

  • Please help us towards that goal and sign the petition now and then share it with friends, family and on social media.

Photo by Liz Auty shows a bumblebee on devil's-bit scabious at Schiehallion.

Cotton flowers - David Lintern

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