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29 Aug 2021

Bones of the Land by Clare Yarrington

Last chance to see the award winning mixed media artist Clare Yarrington’s latest exhibition of artwork at Pitlochry’s Wild Space - which ends on 4 September 2021.

Clare Yarrington Bones of the Land 2021

Clare Yarrington's latest exhibition - Bones of the Land - can be seen in our Alan Reece Gallery in Pitlochry’s Wild Space visitor centre until 4 September.

While her earlier artwork - exhibited in our gallery in 2014 - was inspired by her love of walking and climbing over ‘mountain, moor and cliff’, this time she’s ‘digging’ deeper into the wild landscapes that inspire her.

Clare Yarrington in Wild Space 2021

^ The photograph above shows Clare with her latest work which draws on her former career as an archaeologist.

Clare explains why she's inspired to explore the intersection between archaeology and geology in the Scottish landscape.

“By peeling back the layers of the land, we find evidence of the past - from neolithic stone circles to the geological 'deep time' of Scotland's most ancient rock formations.

“I use mixed media, collage and drawing to juxtapose these different moments in time. These methods enable me to express a variety of feelings and thoughts inspired by nature.” 

  • Bones of the Land by Clare Yarrington can be seen at Wild Space until 4 September 2021 (open Wed – Sat but check before setting out if you are coming far).
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