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Alan Reece Gallery

The regular exhibitions in the Wild Space's Alan Reece Gallery in Pitlochry provide a small income for the Trust’s work and help raise awareness of wildlife and conservation of wild places.

Details of our past exhibitions are listed below.


Current exhibition

    Creative Freedom logo on photo of Stephen Breslin by Stephen Blake

    Creative Freedom

    18 March 2024 to 25 May 2024

    Our first Creative Freedom exhibition will feature selected artworks from visual artists, writers, photographers, sculptors, videographers, podcasters and outdoor enthusiasts on the theme: 'freedom for wild places'. 

Upcoming exhibition

Exhibition archive

    40th poster for Wild Space

    John Muir Trust: Celebrate 40 years with us

    1 Nov 2023 to 15 March 2024

    Explore the Trust's 40 year history and glimpse our vision of a world where wild places give nature, people and communities the freedom to thrive​.

    Wild Perthshire community exhbition - Jennifer Park

    Community Exhibition 2: Wild Perthshire

    1 September 2023 to 31 October 2023

    We are delighted to invite you to our second community exhibition in Pitlochry's Wild Space. This year's theme is Wild Perthshire and features artwork by Jennifer Park, Martin Ridley, Yvonne Stewart and many more.

    Wild Whalsay exhibition poster 2023

    Group exhibition: Wild Whalsay

    30 April 2023 to 29 June 2023

    An exhibition of works by Shetland artists based on the island of Whalsay. Drawing on the wild skies, seas and wilderness of Whalsay, these artworks are a response to the ever-changing drama and beauty of the landscape.

     Stephen Breslin - Buachallie Etive Mor

    Stephen Breslin: Landscapes and Wildlife of Scotland

    28 February 2023 to 28 April 2023

    "You just don’t know how the light is going to develop. Sometimes, it’s spectacular. Other times, it just fades, and you don’t get the shot. Meanwhile, you are in the midst of nature, seeing dippers, deer, black grouse - you have to enjoy the experience and want to be outdoors." Find out more about Stephen Breslin's photography.

    David Fulford Sandwood Bay

    David Fulford: Sandwood Bay

    3 February 2023 - 27 February 2023

    David Fulford works mostly in oils, often making very large paintings that border on abstraction. This collection features a wild place in the care of the Trust at Sandwood Bay.  Find out more about David Fulford.

    Jeremy Rossiter - Cuillin Ridge

    Jeremy Rossiter: The Mountainscape Poster Collection

    From 30 August - 29 November 2022

    "Inspired by a combination of two styles of graphic design from the 1930s - propaganda art from Europe and railway tourism posters from Britain - I began with the Skye mountains and went on to develop my mountainscape poster collection. This exhibition features peaks which are on land owned and cared for by the John Muir Trust, as well as a few of Scotland's classics." Find out more about Jeremy Rossiter.

    Kath Pender North Face

    Kath Pender: Mountain Portraits

    From 1 July - 26 August 2022

    Kath Pender makes art that shares the adventure and exhilaration, and the peace and the serenity of the outdoors. Her latest work explores iconic mountains of the Scottish highlands, as well as the stories of landscapes from Fort William to Cape Wrath through drawings and paintings. Find out more about Kath Pender

    Karin Borland - move towards the light

    Karin Borland: Homing In

    From 3 May - 25 June 2022

    Local artist Karin Borland has always been fascninated by the natural world and ‘homing in’ on details and textures. A fascination with light and pattern is at the heart of this exhibtion – light through trees, droplets on a loch surface, a tangle of vegetation all observed and interpreted in Karin’s signature style of adding and subtracting to the many layers in her painting. Find out more about Karin Borland.

    Pitlochry wild exhibition 2

    Community Exhibiton 1: Wild Pitlochry

    From 1 April - 30 April 2022

    Local artists and makers celebrate the importance of wild places in our first community art exhibition. Featuring works by Shona Rollo, Robert Buchanan, Julia Harriman, Gayle Drummond and more.

    Cumbria Printmakers - Helvellyn by Glenn Tomkinson

    Cumbria Printmakers

    From 8 October - 30 November 2021

    Based all over Cumbria - where Helvellyn, pictured above, is managed by the Trust - this group of dedicated printmakers manage to meet, organise workshops and exhibit to promote printmaking and inspire beginners and new audiences. Several visit Scotland on a regular basis - the wilder the space the better it seems - and spend many hours watching and recording the shifting light, clouds and tides. Find out more about Cumbria Printmakers.

    Bones of the Land - pastel collage - Clare Yarrington

    Clare Yarrington: Bones of the Land

    From 3 August - 4 September 2021

    Award-winning mixed media artist Clare Yarrington makes a welcome return to Wild Space to showcase her recent work. Studying archaeology at Edinburgh University gave Clare new perspective on the landscape as she began to examine beneath the surface of the land as well as above. Find out more about Clare Yarrington.

    Jim Scott Loch Ba

    Jim Scott: Loch Land

    29 June 2021 - 2 August 2021

    Based in Edinburgh, Jim has graduated with an Honours Degree from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and has worked as an illustrator, designer and photographer. He explaines: “I’m not too concerned about how an image is achieved but rather how the finished product looks. The digital darkroom is as important as taking the initial shot. My intention is to convey the mood of a place to the viewer and let them see it as I see it.” Find out more on Jim Scott's website. 

    Nigel Spencer waxwing

    Nigel Spencer: Wild Britain

    12 May 2021 - 28 June 2021

    Nigel Spencer is an experienced mountain walker and a specialist wildlife photographer. His photograph of a Bohemian Waxwing (above) was awarded the best image in the 2019 Royal Photographic Society Nature photography exhibition. A great supporter of many conservation charities, he kindly donated two of his award-winning photographs to the John Muir Trust’s popular 2020 Christmas Card collection. Find out more on Nigel Spencer's website.

    Michelle Hewitt - Hector crop

    Michelle Hewitt: Scottish Wildlife

    1 May 2021 - 10 May 2021

    Michelle first got interested in depicting her local wildlife when her primary school teacher gave her a copy of Albrecht Dürer's 'A Young Hare' to study. She works from her studio in the East Neuk of Fife, but her art is becoming growingly famous in UK and abroad. Michelle is particuarly interested in depicting the soul of her subjects, which she believes is visible through their eyes. You can view a selection of her original artworks at the Wild Space in Pitlochry, or on Michelle Hewitt's website

    Paul Bartlett - eider

    Paul Bartlett: Encounters

    19 September 2020 - 4 October 2020

    "Often combining collage with acrylics, or pastels, my work also features words. I like to add an extra facet to the paintings by sourcing articles that relate to the subject. For my inspiration I visit the wild areas of Scotland, often spending days on foot, or in a sea kayak, to visit remote places where wildlife abounds." Find out more about Paul Bartlett.

    Denis Mollison - Portraits of the Edge 2020

    Denis Mollison and Roderick Manson: Portraits of the Edge

    29 August 2020 - 17 September 2020

    Denis’ exhibition of abstract beach photography was first shown in Wild Space in July 2019 where it inspired Roderick Manson to write a poem in response to each picture. You can also view a slideshow of Portraits of the Edge online.

    Into the wild woods - group exhibition 2020

    Group exhibition: Into the Wild Woods

    27 January 2020 to 27 March 2020

    Inspired by the Caledonian Forest and the John Muir Trust's re-foresting campaign, this exhibition draws you into a woodland world which is tactile and vivid; dark and playful. The artwork includes ceramics, prints and willow sculpture by Nicky Bolland, Ciara Gibson, Rebecca Logsdon, Tricia Tunstall and Giles Conisbee.

    Ravi Agarwal: Nàdar / Prakriti

    Ravi Agarwal: Nàdar / Prakriti

    16 November 2019 to 12 January 2020

    This Edinburgh Printmakers exhibition grew out of research conducted by Ravi in the Scottish Highlands in the summer of 2017, which included visits to Trust properties and discussions with staff members. Ravi's artwork explores the pressures upon nature in Scotland and India and the challenges of rewilding in both countries. Its title combines the Gaelic and Sanskrit words for nature – Nàdar and Prakriti respectively. Find out more.

    Anke Addy: The Living Cairngorms

    Anke Addy: The Living Cairngorms

    1 November 2019 to 15 November 2019

    "During 2017 I revisited many glens and mountains to capture Nan Shepherd’s imagery, giving the book’s themes of Mountains, Air and Light, Water, Snow and Ice, Plants, Birds and Mammals equal importance. Covering these aspects of the Cairngorms and the wider Cairngorms National Park has been an enjoyable and absorbing experience."

    SLPOTY 2019 - Ed Smith

    Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year - Living Landscape prize

    19 October to 1 November 2019

    See the ten winning images for the John Muir Trust Living Landscape Prize 2019 –  one of the categories in the prestigious Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.

    Cat Burton: Stories of Schiehallion

    Cat Burton: Stories of Schiehallion

    2 August 2019 - 18 October 2019

    "Many people climb this much-loved mountain each year to take in the views from the summit. My goal for this project is to reveal the fascinating aspects of Schiehallion that often go overlooked. From its history and folklore to the conservation work currently taking place." Find out more about photographer Cat Burton's Schiehallion project. 

    Denis Mollison - Portraits of the Edge 2019

    Denis Mollison: Portraits of the edge

    19 July 2019 - 2 August 2019

    "Around Coigach and Assynt there are about 40 beaches. A few are well known while others are remote and seldom visited, including some very beautiful ones that exist as beaches only a few times a year at the lowest tides..." See Trust founder Denis Mollison's photographs of water, light, stone and creatures of the beach.

    Marco Dadone: Deep Scotland

    Marco Dadone: Deep Scotland

    1 May 2019 - 19 July 2019

    "I aim to photograph an 'emotional landscape', let the feelings come into the images and contribute to shape them, hopefully to give back to the observer some of the magic hidden in things…" Find out more about Italian photographer Marco Dadone.

    Tim Cottee: Hare

    Tim Cottee: A Different Type of Nature

    28 January to 30 April 2019

    "John Muir's words recognised the value, beauty and healing power of nature and I hope that my work can remind and inspire people of this." Find out more about graphic artist Tim Cottee.

    Iain Brownlie Roy: Views of Suilven

    Iain Brownlie Roy: Views of Suilven

    1 November 2018 to early 2019

    "Suilven has been central to my work for many years, but there are other images from the North West and the Northern Isles in the edit."  Find out more about Iain Brownlie Roy's photography.

    SLPOTY 2018 - Paul Webster

    Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year - Living Landscape prize

    18 to 31 October 2018

    The ten winning images for the John Muir Trust Living Landscape Prize 2018 –  one of the categories in the prestigious Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.

    Greg Drumm: Along the ridge to Spidean

    Greg Drumm: Summit2Sea

    31 August to 17 October 2018

    "My paintings arrive from a combination of going out into remote and majestic locations, sometimes waiting for hours to get the right light... sometimes catching the moment there and then (usually by luck)." Find out more about Greg Drumm.

    Lewis Golbourn: Walk in the Wild

    Lewis Golbourn: Walk in the Wild

    5 July to 30 August 2018

    Twice-winner of the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year John Muir Trust Wild Places Prize, this talented self-taught photographer is inspired by wild landscapes: "I was born in the central belt of Scotland and lived there for most of my life, but was lucky enough to be exposed to the great outdoors at an early age and the love of wild places and wild weather has never left me." Find out more about Lewis Golbourn.

    Rhod Evans: Spirit of Place 2018

    Rhod Evans: Spirit of Place

    30 April  to 2 July 2018

    “My paintings do not always represent specific places. They are based on impressions gathered during many walks with sketchbook and pencil through the heather and deer grass to remote hills and crags; and along windswept coasts to lonely rocky headlands and the vast sandy bays of the west." Find out more about Rhod Evans.

    Karen Rann: the great lines

    Karen Rann: The Great Lines

    19 April to 28 April 2018

    This exhibition is inspired by the story of contour lines and how they came to appear on maps. As Schiehallion is part of the story, the John Muir Trust is organising an afternoon of talks on all things Schiehallion on: Saturday, April 28. Details of this and other events will be available through Karen Rann's blog.

    Peter Cairns: Northwoods 2018

    Peter Cairns: Northwoods

    3 February to 15 April 2018

    A collection of intimate forest portraits from Scotland's last remaining fragments of ancient woodland by acclaimed nature and conservation photographer Peter Cairns - the founder of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a team of media professionals working to amplify the case for a wilder Scotland.

    Michael Prince: Slow light

    Michael Prince: Slow Light

    23 November 2017 to 5 January 2018

    "I find the slower, more contemplative process of working with larger format film cameras is a joy, with the aesthetic, atmosphere and anticipation that the follow-up chemical process creates - particularly when processing and printing my own black and white negatives - is an additional thrill." Find out more about Michael Prince.

    SLPOTY 2017 - Nick Hanson

    Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year - Wild Places prize 2017

    2 to 22 November 2017

    The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year - Wild Places Prize saw the Trust select ten spectacular photographs that showcase the variety of special wild places across Scotland. See the winning images on display for two weeks only. Find out more about the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year.

    Gareth Watson: Beinn Bahn 2017

    Gareth Watson: The Torridonian Series

    1 September to 30 October 2017

    Gareth Watson's latest collection of abstract watercolour landscapes - painted with his characteristc small brushes and muted palette - focuses on the heavily erroded slopes and tottering pinacled mountains of Torridon.

    Keith Brame: Wild land

    Keith Brame: Wild Land

    7 July to 31 August 2017

    A few years ago Keith Brame was invited by the John Muir Trust to photograph the wild landscapes in our care: Ben Nevis, Schiehallion, parts of the Isle of Skye and Knoydart, Sandwood Bay, Quinag. Many of the photographs were - and still are - used by the Trust to illustrate our conservation work and to promote the value of wild land.

    Jemma Cholawo: The Numinous

    Jemma Cholawo: The Numinous

    9 June to early July 2017

    Jemma Cholawo’s collection of paintings and photographs explores a sense of place in nature, with the aim of inviting and inspiring others to feel and remember the power of these places. Find out more about The Numinous.

    David Paterson: Breadalbane 2017

    David Paterson: Landscape and Nature in Breadalbane

    Early April to end May 2017

    The focus for David's latest photographic exhibition is historical Breadalbane (Gaelic Braghad Albainn, 'the northern part of Alba') which occupied much of Perthshire and north Stirling. The area has some of the finest landscapes anywhere in Scotland: richly varied with mountains rising to almost 4000 feet, broad straths, archetypal Highland glens and extensive woodland and conifer forest. Find out more about David Paterson.

    Colin Duncan: Schiehallion from Gleann Mor

    Colin Duncan: Beyond the Summit

    3 February to end March 2017

    The artwork in Colin's latest show was inspired by aspects of the land and sensations of the weather he encountered when visiting Schiehallion in Highland Perthshire. 

    Ellis OConnor: Transience

    Ellis O’Connor: Transience

    5 November 2016 to 5 January 2017

    Ellis' works have been inspired from the geology, the glaciers and the tangible landscape found in the North of Scotland, Iceland and Svalbard. Altogether, the works emphasise the fragility and sublimity of the land in the North bringing the line, detail, texture and patterns together. Find out more about Ellis O'Connor.

    SLPOTY 2016 - Dietmar Herzog

    Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year - Wild Places Prize 2016

    24 October to 4 November 2016

    The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year - Wild Places Prize saw the Trust select ten spectacular photographs that showcase the variety of special wild places across Scotland. See the winning images on display for two weeks only. Find out more about the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year.

    Winifred Hodge: Lost Landscapes

    Winifred Hodge: Lost Landscapes

    1 September to 22 October 2016

    Winifred Hodge has always enjoyed the great outdoors: "Walking and sketching in areas of isolation and emptiness where the dominance of skies with ever changing light, defines its features and often underlining a visual loneliness... I am constantly challenged to distil that information to its core elements... " Find out more about Winifred Hodge.

    Alex Boyd: Old man of Storr

    Alex Boyd: Blood, Sweat and Silver

    4 July to end of August 2016

    Using a Victorian field camera, a darkroom he carries on his back, and a sense of determination, Alex Boyd carries his equipment to the peaks of many of Scotland's most well loved mountains, to the hearts of her moorlands, and to the edges of the tallest sea cliffs. Find out more about Alex Boyd.

    Alistair Young: Ascent

    Alistair Young: Ascent

    Early April to 3 July 2016

    "Photography, for me, falls into two distinct categories: the opportunistic image seized from the wild winds of a winter storm high in the mountains and the slow, considered, planned creation of an image... The solitude and silence of remote places, long seen in my mind's eye, transformed into experience." Find out more about Skye-based photographer Alistair Young.

    Finlay Wild: Kaleidoscape

    Finlay Wild: Kaleidoscape

    3 February to 6 April 2016

    Highland artist, Finlay Wild’s latest solo exhibition will capture his favourite wild places in bright and bold acrylic. His paintings are almost all of Scottish mountains – his first love as a mountaineer and hill runner – which he depicts in stylised block colour using the characteristic energy and passion he draws on when running.

    Malize McBride - St Kilda

    Malize McBride: 40 Miles West - Images of St Kilda

    3 November 2015 to 31 January 2016

    "St Kilda has always beckoned to me, due to its remoteness, its haunting human history and its dramatic cliffscapes..." Malize McBride's latest oil paintings are based on memories of two trips to Britain's most remote island. Find out more about Malize McBride

    Alasdair McMorrine: By Loch and Mountain

    Alasdair McMorrine: By Loch and Mountain

    3 September to 31 October 2015

    Alasdair McMorrine's art is inspired by the desire to excite the view of others with passion and a vision. He says: "In the elemental landscape of Loch Laggan I want my brushmarks, drawings, prints and carvings to carry the shaping force of the light, the wind and the rock formations." See more of Alasdair's work at Orbost Gallery on Skye.

    David Paterson: Neolithic 2015

    David Paterson: Out of Time (Memories of the Neolithic)

    30 June to 2 September 2015

    David Paterson's main photographic subject has always been Scotland's landscape. His images of neolithic monuments make for an enchanted landscape, adding an extra layer of meaning and a sense of mystery not often present in the Scottish countryside.

    Keith Salmon: From the summit of Ben Vrackie

    Keith Salmon: All Four Seasons

    2 May to 28 June 2015

    Keith Salmon's paintings convey the ever-changing atmosphere, colours, light and conditions of Scotland's mountains and glens as he experiences them. Subjects range from Ben Loyal in the far north to the more gentle slopes of Perthshire and the Ochil Hills. Find out more about Keith Salmon.

    Rhod Evans: Hebridean Elements 2015

    Rhod Evans: Hebridean Elements

    11 March to 30 April 2015

    Rhod's watercolours perfectly capture the dramatic skies above the islands of Lewis, Harris and the Uists and reflect the often extreme weather conditions that prevail there, particularly in the winter months. Find out more about Rhod Evans.

    Gareth Watson: The Moor 2015

    Gareth Watson: The Moor

    7 February to early March 2015

    This exhibition of watercolours is the result of a collaboration between artist Gareth Watson and author Robert Macfarlane, which resulted in a book called 'The Moor'. Buy a painting and get a copy of the limited edition book in the Wild Space.

    Jamie Grant: Glen Lyon

    Jamie Grant: An intimate portrait of Scotland’s longest glen

    10 December 2014 to early January 2015

    This exhibition is an intimate portrait of the landscapes, people and spirit of Scotland longest glen. Jamie Grant shoots his black and white landscapes of winter in Glen Lyon on an old Leica M6. Find out more about Jamie Grant.

    Iain Stewart: Vesper

    Iain Stewart: Vesper

    10 October to 9 December 2014

    Iain studied and lectured at the Edinburgh College of Art before working as photographer with design agencies and publishers around the UK. His land and seascapes are internationally exhibited and collected. Find out more about Iain Stewart

    Colin Robertson: River Nevis

    Colin Robertson: Landscapes of Water and Light

    31 July to 1 October 2014

    Colin has a life long appreciation of nature and landscape and travelled around Europe before going to art school. He graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1989 and has since sold work through galleries, worked on private commissions and tutored art groups. Find out more about Colin Robertson

    Liz Green: In-sight

    Liz Green: In-sight - horizons that inspire

    12 June to 30 July 2014

    Liz Green is a self-taught artist with a life long passion for making things and for being outdoors in the elements.She enjoys experimenting with different styles and methods of application in a quest to find that exact combination of colour and texture that captures a mood and conjures the spirit of a place. Find out more about Liz Green.

    David Bellamy: Glen Feshie

    David Bellamy: Wild Highlands

    17 April to 11 June 2014

    David Bellamy is a watercolour artist and author who loves wandering in wild places. He specialises in painting mountain, Arctic and desert scenery. He has written 15 books and is a member of the Outdoor Writers' & Photographers' Guild. Find out more about David Bellamy.

    Clare Yarrington: borderland

    Clare Yarrington: Mountain, moor and cliff

    5 February to 15 April 2014

    Clare Yarrington is an award-winning mixed media artist. Studying archaeology at Edinburgh University gave Clare new perspective on the landscape as she began to examine beneath the surface of the land as well as above. Find out more about Clare Yarrington

    Iain Brownlie Roy: Wild landscapes of the north-west

    Iain Brownlie Roy: Wild landscapes of the north-west

    Early October 2013 to early February 2014

    Iain Brownlie Roy's work reflects his lifelong interest in the environment and, especially, his strong attraction to wild landscapes. Find out more about Iain Brownlie Roy

    David Fulford: After John Muir

    David Fulford: After John Muir

    Early August to early October 2013

    David Fulford is a keen supporter of Muir’s philosophy. He works mostly in oils, often making very large paintings that border on abstraction. Find out more about David Fulford

    Peter Cairns: Caledonia 2014

    Peter Cairns: Caledonia, Scotland’s heart of pine

    22 April to early August 2013

    Based in the heart of Scotland's Cairngorms National Park, Peter Cairns is an award-winning nature photographer with a deep fascination for our relationship with the natural world. Find out more about Peter Cairns