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29 Mar 2022

Celebrate #JohnMuirDay 2022

#JohnMuirDay offers an annual opportunity to mark John Muir’s birthday, 21 April 1838. Mark the date in your calendar and help celebrate all the benefits of wild places across the UK and beyond

Muir on rock

The John Muir Trust was inspired by the life and works of John Muir (1838-1914), the Scots-born founding father of modern conservation and the inspiration behind national parks. The following articles demonstrate how Muir inspires our purpose to conserve, protect and restore wild places for the benefit of all  - we hope they inspire you to celebrate #JohnMuirDay.

Becoming the 'Father of National Parks'

Discover what led John Muir to inspire, influence, and want to take action for wild places.

Protecting wild places

Find out more about how John Muir's campaigning tradition lives on through the Trust.

Championing wild places

Rosie shares five ways the Trust continues John Muir's work to campaign for the protection of wild places.

Inspiring others to care for wild places

Toby highlights ways in which, like John Muir, we believe in strengthening societal understanding of the value of wild places.

About John Muir

Read more about John Muir's connection to the John Muir Trust.

John Muir Day celebration offer

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Support #JohnMuirDay

Feel free to share your own stories about protecting wild places on social media using #JohnMuirDay and the logo below.

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