Case Study (Film) Buzz in the Borders

Published: 21st September 2017

Pupils from Churchstoke Primary School get involved in the Buzz in the Borders, a pollinator project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund

Follow young people from Churchstoke Primary School as they work towards their John Muir Discovery Award, whilst getting involved in the Buzz in the Borders  project, supported by the Stiperstones and Cordon Hill Country Landscape Partnership Scheme.

The Buzz in the Borders project aims to help native pollinators by raising awareness of the plight of many of our pollinator species (including honey bees, bumblebees, solitary wasps, hoverflies, wasps, flies, butterflies, beetles and moths) and the important role that they play in food production.  The project also aims to raise awareness of the issues which threaten our pollinator populations and the factors leading to declines in the number, diversity and geographical ranges of individual species.  The Buzz in the Borders project was supported by Heritage Lottery Fund. – Produced by SMN Films.

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