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Published: 22 Nov 2019

John Muir Award in Scotland’s Colleges

Find out how and why the John Muir Award is in colleges across Scotland

The John Muir Award is delivered by colleges across Scotland to inspire and connect both young people and adult learners with nature.

It’s used as a tool to support a range of priorities and across various departments, courses and projects. Working towards a John Muir Award can create space for curiosity and discussion, building and demonstrating transferable skills, growing self-esteem, nurturing wellbeing and celebrating achievement.

See below for headlines of activity from the last two academic years, including:

  • Examples of how the Award’s been used to help embed Learning for Sustainability (2018-19 summary)
  • Key reference points and resources that can help college staff looking to make the most of outdoor environments as places for learning and wellbeing as part of a sustainable Covid-19 recovery (2019-20 summary)