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Published: 27 Jan 2021

Award Provider Surveys

What do organisations think about delivering the John Muir Award and its impact?

From time to time, we evaluate what active Providers think about their experiences of using the John Muir Award – a chance to find out why they use it, if and how it adds value to their work, and to gain wider feedback.

These Provider Surveys also aim to demonstrate the contribution that engaging in John Muir Award activity makes to a variety of national agendas, such as health and wellbeing, employability, connection to nature, attainment and partnership working.

See below for findings from our most recent surveys of Award Providers in England & Wales, and Scotland.

We feel that pupils that participate in the John Muir Award become resilient, confident, responsible, reflective, setting goals and more of a team player … This is a natural way in which to provide pupils with opportunities to develop skills they will need for life.