Glenlude Appeal

Help this unique wild corner of the Scottish Borders flourish

A huge amount of change has taken place at Glenlude over the past seven years, thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the dedication of hard-working volunteers, together helping to realise the long-term vision to turn this corner of the Scottish Borders into a flourishing woodland landscape, rich with wildlife.

But it takes considerable time and money to carry out conservation work, plant trees, train volunteers and there is still so much to do at Glenlude.

Please donate today and help continue to grow the wildlife and volunteering potential of this special wild place.


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A hub of volunteering and rewilding

We are working on our 20-year plan to transform this former sheep farm and conifer plantation into a mosaic of native habitats. Glenlude is also becoming a regional hub of volunteering and ‘therapy through nature’ - a place to gain valuable skills, confidence and a sense of wellbeing by connecting with and giving back to nature. Find out more in our short film

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Help continue this transformation

Your support will help provide essential resources to regenerate woodland and restore wild habitats at Glenlude, helping to pay for essential equipment, plant trees, train more volunteers and carry out hands on conservation work.

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Tools & equipment

Your donation could help pay for conservation equipment for wildlife monitoring, surveying and deer management, tools for volunteer work parties and materials for tree propagation and planting.

£30 could help pay for essential tools and equipment such as handsaws and plant propagation trays

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Education and training

Volunteers are the driving force behind the hands-on conservation work at Glenlude. Your donation could help pay for increased staff resource, allowing us to increase conservation activity, manage more work parties and train more volunteers.

£80 could help pay for a day's volunteer training

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Horse logging

Horses can remove felled trees from the conifer plantation with far less damage to the soil, wildlife and landscape than machinery. We are planning to trial horse logging at Glenlude with two local ponies. Your gift could help provide the funding needed to carry out a regular horse logging programme here.

£300 could help pay for staff and horses for a full day of horse logging