Glenlude Appeal: Update

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our work to develop Glenlude's potential as a hub of volunteering and rewilding

Our Progress

Glenlude Appeal: Update Campiagn Progress 100% of funds raised

Glenlude - located in the heart of Scottish Borders - offers a wonderful opportunity to repair a damaged ecosystem and provide inspiring conservation experiences.

Thank you for your generosity - we have reached our target of £15,000 to support the rewilding potential of Glenlude and to develop a new local firewood initiative.

If you'd still like to contribute, your donations will be spent on Glenlude now and in the future.

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Your donations will be used to:

- purchase wood processing equipment to establish a community firewood initiative
- develop volunteering opportunities to enable more groups and organisations to benefit from Glenlude
- increase rewilding efforts by growing more seedlings on site, felling exotic conifers and planting native saplings

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About Glenlude

Glenlude was gifted to the Trust by the late Sheila Bell, who had a vision to rewild this small corner of the Scottish Borders. We have begun work on a 20-year plan to transform this former sheep farm and conifer plantation into a mosaic of native habitats. At the same time the Trust is developing Glenlude as a regional hub of volunteering and ‘therapy through nature’ - a place to gain valuable skills, confidence and a sense of wellbeing by connecting with and giving back to nature. Find out more.

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New firewood project

In 2016 we have the opportunity to establish a community firewood project at Glenlude – thanks to initial funding from players of the People's Postcode Lottery for a firewood processor and on-site storage. We hope to generate additional sustainable income of around £3,000 - £5,000 a year from processing and selling the non-native timber produced as part of the rewilding process. There will be opportunities for community involvement with the project, which will provide environmental benefits and support for the local economy.

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A volunteering hub

With its variety of habitats, central location and facilities including a tree nursery and workshop, Glenlude is ideally placed to support volunteering and educational activity. In addition to regular volunteers, visitors include youth groups, schools and participants in rehabilitation or unemployment programmes. Since 2011 over a thousand volunteers have contributed towards the rewilding of Glenlude gaining a range of personal benefits, anything from simply having fun to life-changing skills and confidence.

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Rewilding in action

Rewilding is an approach to nature conservation that aims to restore natural processes, repair damaged ecosystems and reintroduce lost species. The rewilding process at Glenlude centres on replacing the commercial sitka spruce and larch with broadleaf species, extending the area's native woodland. Our hope is to transform this once ecologically barren landscape into one that is thriving with a wide range of flora, invertebrates and wildlife, encouraging the likes of black grouse and red squirrel.

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Thank you

We are delighted that this project has received funding from players of the People's Postcode Lottery.

Add your support today by making a donation to our appeal.