Discovering European diversity in natural and cultural heritage

Published: 12th December 2016

Find out how Trust staff benefitted in 2016 from the Erasmus+ European Union programme of nature exchanges

Poland wetland

Three Trust staff were fortunate to travel to Europe this year as part of the NET project, a Key Action 1 project funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

NET offers training courses to those working within the natural and cultural heritage sectors. Staff are funded through this project to undertake a structured training course in a relevant organisation abroad. On their return staff share the information and skills gained to improve knowledge and training available in Scotland.

This page contains links to the reports prepared by Trust staff who participated in the project in 2016.

Slovakia- a report discussing wildlife & biodiversity, grazing & hunting, people & nature, and exploring the challenges of balancing modern economic development and preserving the traditional culture and environment. (Participant - Alan McCombes, Communications Officer)

Poland - selected aspects of nature management in Poland, focussed on West Pomerania and the Odra/Oder river valley and covering biodiversity and conservation designations, ecological drivers and challenges. (Participant - Mel Nicoll, Campaigns Co-ordinator)

Romania - how farming influences eco-systems, with a focus on hay meadow management and subsistence farming (Participant - Sarah Lewis, Conservation Officer Skye)

Staff also delivered presentations to colleagues, reaching around a further 40 staff working in a range of roles, and continue to benefit from opportunities to share and apply in their day-to-day work the technical knowledge and insights gained.

The Trust values this opportunity for staff professional and personal development and gratefully acknowledges the support of archnetwork for administering the NatureExchange project.