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Award suitability

Is the John Muir Award suitable for you and your group? Before completing a John Muir Award Proposal form please read this information.

The John Muir Award is a nationally recognised, individual award scheme that requires each participant to meet all its Criteria. This includes an understanding of why and how they are participating.

The John Muir Award is ideally suited for those participants working at later stage of primary education and beyond (Year 4 and above in England & Wales, and Second Level in Scotland).

We have created a  Family Award that welcomes involvement of all ages and abilities as part of a family group. This invites a collective participation to meet Award Criteria, rather than requiring them to be met by each individual.

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When planning to deliver the John Muir Award, consider:

How will you know if Criteria have been met? How will you gauge individual understanding of the John Muir Award concept?

Are you comfortable in managing a scenario in which not all of the people you are working with meet these Criteria and achieve a John Muir Award?

What can help? 

A range of factors can help to deliver a successful John Muir Award experience. These can include: 

  • Delivering to small groups, and/or a high leader to participant ratio
  • Interest of participants e.g. a self-selected nature club, or strong personal interest
  • Strong review of activity at suitable times throughout e.g. carry out a Four Challenge Review; 1:1s with leaders/participants; group discussion; reflection on Record Book entries; sharing activities etc.

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The John Muir Award isn’t suitable for my group – what can I do now? 

Deciding not to do the John Muir Award shouldn’t stop you from having meaningful experiences in wild places. Simply design your own activities and enjoy being in contact with nature. You could: 

If you are still unsure, please contact before filling out a Proposal Form.